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Grid Extraction Tool


The Grid Extraction Tool web interface (GETwi) is a rich Internet client that allows users to extract grid data from an arbitrarily bounded CONUS domain by applying extraction rules to any given layer within the model volume. Extractions rules include the ability to request model by:

  • User-defined Domain
  • Model
  • Variable
  • Units
  • Model Start Time
  • Model End Time

Data can be retrieved as raw point data for a given layer, or can be processed across forecast intervals including maximum, minimum or averaged point data.

Data is returned as either a comma-separated values file (CSV) or as a Shapefile.

An example may help clarify how this web tool works:

Fire weather meteorologists are interested in how warm and dry a given area might get throughout the night. Using the GETwi, the field user could request data to answer the following question: "Using the NAM40 model, tell me the maximum temperature and minimum relative humidity for forecast intervals from 21:00 tonight to 06:00 tomorrow morning, and return this to me as a CSV file." The resultant file, once downloaded and opened in a spreadsheet application, would contain four columns: latitude, longitude, temperature, and relative humidity, having a row for each grid point in the bounded area the user requested.

This web service was deployed in support of the National Inter-agency Fire Center's (NIFC) Geographical Area Coordination Center (GACC) emergency support personnel.