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FX-Net Transition to Operations

AWIPS I - Operations and Service Improvement Process

The FX-Net workstation represents one of two possible production-oriented thin client solutions currently delivered by TOB; the other is Gridded FX-Net . Typically, such research-based solutions are required to be transferred over time to NWS operations. This however, is not true for FX-Net, which is to be made obsolete once the AWIPS-II workstation, called the Common AWIPS Visualization Environment (CAVE), is deployed to the field. Hence, no actual operational transfer will take place.

Instead, TOB will focus its efforts on the FX-Net transition to operations, which will include providing developmental and consultative support to the NWS for delivery of AWIPS CAVE workstation as it relates to thin-client requirements.

The future operational thin client must satisfy a variety of mission area requirements, with those mission area users to include: IMET, WSO, CWSU, RFC and NCEP Centers. There are many common thin client requirements across these mission areas. However, there are some mission areas requirements that differ significantly. In either case, new features will need to be added to the thin-client workstation and GSD is expected to deliver those solutions (see AWIPS-II – Thin Client Project ). Current field users of FX-Net can therefore be assured that given features of the product will not go away during the transition from FX-Net to CAVE.

AWIPS II - Thin Client Project

The purpose of the AWIPS Thin Client project is to develop and deploy an integrated thin client solution that will satisfy the NWS enterprise requirements for remote access to baseline AWIPS-II capabilities, namely the AWIPS-II CAVE workstation. Included in this is effort is the need to extend the CAVE workstation functionality in order to satisfy all the necessary requirements of those mission areas which currently depend upon the operational use of FX-Net. Extending the feature capability of CAVE in this way will allow the NWS to take advantage of new and enhanced AWIPS-II capabilities in a seamless manner as they are deployed to the baseline, and guarantee that field users will have a relatively seamless migration from FX-Net to CAVE.